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Champions Character Sheets

Champions Adventure IdeasOne member of our Champions group is a connoisseur of character sheets Whenever we play a new roleplaying game, he gives us all a short yet spirited review of the character sheet, like others would review an RPG game or its combat system. With me, I can take or leave a character sheet. With most RPGs, I'm happy enough writing down my stats on a scrap sheet of paper. That would never work with Champions characters, though. You NEED a good Champions character sheet.

Don't get me wrong: the Champions RPG isn't as complicated as some people make it out to be. There's some math involved, but it's not that big of an obstacle. Character creation leans toward the complicated, though. THhere are a lot of notes to write down, so you need the best Hero System character sheets possible. So I wanted to direct you to links or web pages with some of the official Champions character sheets, and maybe point you in the direction of a few other decent Champions resources online.

Hero System Character Sheets

Hero System Fifth Edition Character Sheet: This is a three-column hero system character sheet for 5th edition characters in any sort of campaign setting.

Champions PowersHero System 2-Page Character Sheet: This character sheet offers more room for notes than the last 5th edition character sheet, but it's two pages long. The damage tracker and hit location chart are nice additions, while the second page contains huge sections for powers, equipments, and disadvantages.

Sidekick Character Sheet - 5th Edition: This sidekick character sheet is much like the one above, with a damage tracker and lots of room for notes on powers and disadvantages.

Hero System Sixth Edition Character Sheet: Another 3-column character sheet, this time for the latest edition of the Hero System. This is a clean design with plenty of room to write down your notes and is the official character sheet from the rulebooks.

Hero Designer 6th Edition, 5th Edition

I mentionthis in greater detail on the "Champions Game Aids" page, but since this involves another way to produce Champions character sheets, I would be remiss in overlooking Hero Designer here.

Hero System 6th Edition BasicFollow this link to download the official "Hero Design" software for the easiest character sheet to fill out for the Hero System. Let me warn you that you have to buy Character Designer for $25, which gives you a two-year license to get upgrades. The latest Hero Designer uses Java 6 and helps you design both fifth edition and sixth edition builds.

This is a tremendous resource for Champions gamemasters, because it lets you interface with the online "Hero Designers Vault", where you get access to thousands of sheets for character builds by oter Champions gamers. You can download or print off what you need, then customize it to fit your game (called "adding your own name"). Besides all the published villain available, you can use the builds from other gamers.

Playing Champions

The good news is that, once you have a Champions character sheet filled out and your character's powers, skills, and disadvantages started out, game play works surprisingly well. Don't let the process of putting together your character sheet dissuade you from playing the ChampionsRPG. A good superhero roleplaying game should give you the flexibility to mimic any kind of powers you've ever seen in comics, as well as any power that you and your gaming group can possibly imagine. More than any other comic book RPG ever designed, Champions does that for you.


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