The Omega Force Champions Campaign

Omega Force Champions RPG Campaign - One of the Super Nephews

Captain Miracle and Friends

Our long campaign involving Captain Miracle and friends was a self-contained story. They interacted with many of the heroes and villains of the Champions Universe, but the key moments tended to involve original characters. A lot of it seems silly on paper, but our gaming group was able to create a nice balance of fun/silliness and serious roleplaying moments. We've talked about revisiting the campaign again since it ended, but the ending was so perfect, that most of us think it would be a shame. Maybe one day we'll restart the adventures with a slightly different group of characters--our PCs seemed to have a huge cast of family and friends by the end of the story.

Who Was Omega Force?

Through nearly seven years of roleplaying, Omega force included nearly two dozen different members. But the core group included seven different heroes who did most of the fighting, acting, and evolving throughout the campaign. This core group was led by "Captain Miracle", the Air Force pilot who got miraculous powers when his plane was shot by an alien cannon. Captain Max Miracle seemed befuddled by his new powers and the odd circumstances they brought on.

Street Legal was Captain Miracle's best friend and a more practical, down-to-Earth type of superhero. He began as Nick Van Allen, a crime scene photographer in Millenium City who donned a mask to take down the criminals the courts let go. In time, he would emerge as a kind of co-leader for the team, willing to get involved in the corporate infighting Omega Force needed to stay in business.

Bedbug was the mad scientist of the team. Her cybernetic helmet gave her amazing reflexes and physical abilities, but made her a little touched. In fact, everyone around Dr. Gina Bruno seemed a little touched. With her helmet off, she was the team's resident scientific genius. With her helmet on, she was the team's comic relief.

Claymation was anything but comic relief. Jonas Kincaid Omega was an extended member of the Omega Family who turned his back on wealth and power to pursue his love for acting. But a tragic accident turned him into a largely-amorphous mass of clay. He used his powers to fight crime and get the fame to become a movie producer, but Claymation considered his powers a curse--in many ways like Captain Miracle.

Underworld was always an enigma to the rest of the team. Either he was an immortal god of the underworld, or he was a lunatic with the powers of a god. Claiming he had abdicated his claim to the throne of Tartarus and divorced his wife, Persephone, Underworld came to town and opened a detective agency. Soon enough, he was joining the Omega Force as one of its heavy hitters, and was a longtime valuable member of the team. These days, he's back to ruling Hades--at least he claims to be.

Crossover came to the team as a kind of plot device character, and actually was a dream for a gamemaster. If you ever needed to introduce a cosmic-level villain, simply invoke the Crossover Corps--charged with protecting the Multiverse from threats of all kind. Crossover wasn't human in the least--the team never saw "her" true form--so Crossover represented the "stranger in a strange land" archetype that works so well in stories like these. Just as much as Captain Miracle or Bedbug, Crossover was always there, seemingly always on monitor duty, a sentinel assigned by a higher authority to protect the Earth. In many ways understated for a cosmic entity, the ageless, timeless Crossover was one of the glue characters of the team.

And then there was the Supersonic Tombstone. An all-night security guard at a local cemetery, Toby Belcher was an unlikely replacement for Underworld. He found a spellbook that let him work magic through rock and used it to fight crime through his talisman--an unused tombstone sitting around the cemetery. In one of the warmer moments of the campaign, the team bought the tombstone and had his codename etched on it. Toby Belcher was there to the end, and despite a lot of skepticism about his being on the team at the first, proved to be the best teammate anyone could have.

These seven people formed the nucleus of Omega Force. Read their story here ...