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The Omega Force Champions Campaign

Omega Force Champions RPG Campaign - One of the Super Nephews

Captain Miracle and Friends

Our long campaign involving Captain Miracle and friends was a self-contained story. They interacted with many of the heroes and villains of the Champions Universe, but the key moments tended to involve original characters. A lot of it seems silly on paper, but our gaming group was able to create a nice balance of fun/silliness and serious roleplaying moments. We've talked about revisiting the campaign again since it ended, but the ending was so perfect, that most of us think it would be a shame. Maybe one day we'll restart the adventures with a slightly different group of characters--our PCs seemed to have a huge cast of family and friends by the end of the story.

Who Was Omega Force?

Through nearly seven years of roleplaying, Omega force included nearly two dozen different members. But the core group included seven different heroes who did most of the fighting, acting, and evolving throughout the campaign. This core group was led by "Captain Miracle", the Air Force pilot who got miraculous powers when his plane was shot by an alien cannon. Captain Max Miracle seemed befuddled by his new powers and the odd circumstances they brought on.

Street Legal was Captain Miracle's best friend and a more practical, down-to-Earth type of superhero. He began as Nick Van Allen, a crime scene photographer in Millenium City who donned a mask to take down the criminals the courts let go. In time, he would emerge as a kind of co-leader for the team, willing to get involved in the corporate infighting Omega Force needed to stay in business.

Bedbug was the mad scientist of the team. Her cybernetic helmet gave her amazing reflexes and physical abilities, but made her a little touched. In fact, everyone around Dr. Gina Bruno seemed a little touched. With her helmet off, she was the team's resident scientific genius. With her helmet on, she was the team's comic relief.

Claymation was anything but comic relief. Jonas Kincaid Omega was an extended member of the Omega Family who turned his back on wealth and power to pursue his love for acting. But a tragic accident turned him into a largely-amorphous mass of clay. He used his powers to fight crime and get the fame to become a movie producer, but Claymation considered his powers a curse--in many ways like Captain Miracle.

Underworld was always an enigma to the rest of the team. Either he was an immortal god of the underworld, or he was a lunatic with the powers of a god. Claiming he had abdicated his claim to the throne of Tartarus and divorced his wife, Persephone, Underworld came to town and opened a detective agency. Soon enough, he was joining the Omega Force as one of its heavy hitters, and was a longtime valuable member of the team. These days, he's back to ruling Hades--at least he claims to be.

Crossover came to the team as a kind of plot device character, and actually was a dream for a gamemaster. If you ever needed to introduce a cosmic-level villain, simply invoke the Crossover Corps--charged with protecting the Multiverse from threats of all kind. Crossover wasn't human in the least--the team never saw "her" true form--so Crossover represented the "stranger in a strange land" archetype that works so well in stories like these. Just as much as Captain Miracle or Bedbug, Crossover was always there, seemingly always on monitor duty, a sentinel assigned by a higher authority to protect the Earth. In many ways understated for a cosmic entity, the ageless, timeless Crossover was one of the glue characters of the team.

And then there was the Supersonic Tombstone. An all-night security guard at a local cemetery, Toby Belcher was an unlikely replacement for Underworld. He found a spellbook that let him work magic through rock and used it to fight crime through his talisman--an unused tombstone sitting around the cemetery. In one of the warmer moments of the campaign, the team bought the tombstone and had his codename etched on it. Toby Belcher was there to the end, and despite a lot of skepticism about his being on the team at the first, proved to be the best teammate anyone could have.

These seven people formed the nucleus of Omega Force. Here is their story.

Global Omega Corporation

Omega Force was the superpowered wing of the multinational conglomerate, the Global Omega Corporation. G.O.C. was founded by Orpheus Omega, once the infamous Dr. Omega, who later reformed and put his genius to building wealth. Orpheus Omega had a strange number of descendants--children, grandchildren, and cousins seemed to constantly come out of the wood works--who all seemed to meddle in the affairs of Global Omega and its Omega Force. It would be difficult to list a family tree, so I'll just mention the Omega Family is legion.

Omega Force Joins Together

The original team roster was Captain Miracle, Street Legal, Crossover, Underworld, and Bedbug. Claymation joined the team soon after its inception. Strangely, all six members seldom battles a threat together, as one always seemed to be away on "personal matters". Miracle, Underworld, and Bedbug seemed constantly involved, while the others seemed to rotate in and out.

Enter: Doctor Disaster

The first major enemy the team had was Dr. Disaster, the Air Force scientist who first studied Captain Miracle's powers. He and the captain had a long rivalry, dating back to just after the time of the Istvatha V'han Invasion. It seems the doctor had lost a loved one in the invasion and tried to use "Miracle Space" to bring them back to life. This use of the "darker side of Miracle Space" produced a disaster that gave the doctor his name, while making him a wanted criminal by the Pentagon. Doctor Disaster would hide in bases around the world, and none knew more about Miracle Space and Miraculon rock samples than Doctor Disaster.

Despite his frequent battles with Captain Miracle and Omega Force, Doctor Disaster never emerged as the world class threat he was meant to be. Too many people seemed to confuse him with the more famous Dr. Destroyer. The doctor's mind finally cracked several years into game play and he appears to have died in a feedback explosion, after a caper where he shrank the island-continent of Australia and held it in a force field in the Disaster Base. Bedbug speculated he may have entered a microscopic universe, but this was never confirmed.

The Vicious Circle

The first team of villains the new Omega Force faced was the Vicious Circle, an army of anti-social mutants based up in Upper Michigan. Their original plot was to mutate everyone in Upper Michigan into mutants like themselves, then secede from the Union as the "Nation of Mutation". They were led by Captain Vicious, while the core command group included Necrotica, Roachtrap, Sawed-Off, Psychobitch, and Brutal Winter. The team reflected a 90s asthetic in powers and tactics, and were one of the darker opponents the team had over the years. They fought the team on three different occasions, with a rotating membership. Their most memorable character turned out to be Sawed-Off, an insane mutated dwarf with a shotgun that mutated people and things. Brutal Winter, an insane Russian cryokinetic, also made appearances as hired muscle.

Alpha Force by Alpha Male

Another team Omega Force fought early on was the "Alpha Force", a cult of personality led by a mad scientist named Alpha Male, who used "Alpha Wave Particles" to turn himself into the perfect male specimen--then wanted continual praise for his accomplishment. Captain Miracle especially disliked Alpha Male, whose preening and overconfidence seemed to get under the more humble hero's skin. It didn't help that Alpha Male pitted himself as a superhero at first--"one step better than that Captain Miracle 'character'". The fact he chased after Bedbug made him a nuisance to everyone. When the Alpha Wave injections wore off, he went back to his life as a 98-pound lab assistant.

Aliens and Robots

Omega Force had a period where it seemed to fight aliens and robots, including a robot made out of pure miraculon (the confusingly-named Miraculon), an alien conqueror who looked like a giant jellyfish (Conquero), and a mysterious international "world takeover organization" (Endgame). Endgame turned out to be a black project launched by Orpheus Omega when he was still a supervillain, so they presented the team with a unique challenge--expose a criminal conspiracy linked to your employers without damaging the corporation.

Underworld and Death Gods

A recurring theme was Underworld's many blowups and controversies with his ex-wife, Persephone/Kore, Goddess of Hades. She controlled the vast resources of Tartarus, as well as a corporation rival to Global Omega, Kore Corporation. Her many minions would show up to cause trouble, which inevitably drew a reaction from Underworld (who clearly wasn't "over" the ex-wife). But Kore wasn't the only trouble Hades brought. Perhaps the greatest threat was when the Death Gods Association tried to force Hades to return to his old job. One might think all this might confirm that Underworld was who he said he was, but the Multiverse is a big place, and Crossover still wasn't so sure all of these people (teammate included) were a really powerful race of schizoids. Underworld eventually decided to reconcile with the wife and return to his role as a death god, but only when he was "good and ready".

The XY Brotherhood

It was a recurring theme that men seemed to flock to Bedbug, almost because everyone in her world was a little touched. The starkest example of this was when the XY Brotherhood, a group of science-based "male revolutionaries", decided Bedbug was the symbol of all that was wrong with the 21st century. The XYB was a group of men who just hated women and wanted to return them to their role of traditional subservience. They were played for laughs, mainly, but only because they were easily defeated, had constant turnover at the top of their organization, and their plots seldom made sense. When it was all said and done, the ultimate leader of the XY Brotherhood turned out to be ruled by his own overbearing wife.

The Supersonic Tombstone

When Underworld left for home, he was almost immediately replaced by a mystic calling himself the Supersonic Tombstone. The team took a bit of a hit in the power department, though Captain Miracle and Crossover were much more powerful at this point in time than when the campaign started. The Supersonic Tombstone got the team back to its roots of wild-eyed joy over the prospect of having superpowers. His rogues gallery was goofier than most--including a haunted convenience store sink and the "Biological Organism Designed for Advanced Killing" or B.O.D.A.K. Things got really silly when Baby B.O.D.A.K. appeared on the scene.

Enter: Global Macro

Towards the end of the campaign, Street Legal had evolved well beyond the crime scene photographer and brutal vigilante he began the campaign as. In fact, he kind of evolved into Batman/Bruce Wayne, which was an odd twist. Street Legal met Cassandra Omega, one of the granddaughters of Orpheus, and they fell in love. By the end of the campaign, Nick Van Allen (Street Legal) and Cassandra Omega had taken control of the corporation, and Mr. Van Allen had become something of the CEO type Bruce Wayne is. In the last adventure, he even changed the name of the Global Omega Corporation to Global Macro--saying "that was always a perfectly awful name for a corporation".

Whatever Happened to Captain Miracle?

Captain Miracle had a different ending. In the final apocalyptic showdown of the series, when Captain Miracle had to face "Continuum the Living Universe", he appeared to have died. But as a postscript, Jonas Kincaid Omega ("cured" of the claymation effect) and Toby Belcher were on a Route 66 road trip "to get away from things" and happened across a man who looked startlingly similar to Captain Max Miracle. It seems the man was living out west under the name "M Maxwell" and appeared to have a family. He didn't seem to recognize the two old friends, and they left him and his family to be. They placed a call to Dr. Gina Bruno, a professor now at the "World Conservatory", who speculated Max Miracle must have strained his connection to the miracle space, thus maxing out his powers. She further speculated he must have no memory of his previous life, but had found the peace and calm he'd craved since the time he was first "cursed" with the miracle field. His friends decided to leave him be--and the campaign ended.


Birth Name: Max Miracle
Profession: Air Force Pilot
Inspiration: Superman crossed with Captain Atom
Powers: Miracle-Strength, Miracle-Toughness, Miracle-Flight, Miracle-Vision, X-Ray Vision, others.
Enemies: Dr. Disaster, Miraculon the Killer Robot, Chromedome, The Vicious Circle, "Alpha Force led by ALPHA MALE", Conquero the Star Conqueror.


Birth Name: Nick Van Allen
Profession: Crime Scene Photographer
Inspiration: Batman crossed with Daredevil crossed with Batman again
Powers: Martial Arts Abilities, Investigation Skills, Driving Skills, ever-growing list of Resources and Contacts.
Enemies: Pokerface, Endgame (organization), The Stumper, Laughing Tears, Gordian, Doubletalk, Hatchetface


Birth Name: Ganthatu the Onlooker
Profession: Interdimensional Crisis Counselor
Inspiration: A little bit of Uatu the Watcher, a little bit of Dr. Strange...and a lot of Green Lantern
Powers: Cosmic Sense, Dimensional Teleport, Flight, Force Field, Cosmic Energy Blast, Transmutation, Science Skills.
Enemies: Istvatha V'han, Skarn the Shaper, Tyrannon the Conqueror, Continuum the Living Dimension, GOM the Unstoppable (GOM: Glint Of Madness), The Reverse-Crossover.


Birth Name: Aita/Hades
Alias: Haden Theus
Profession: God of the Underworld (retired)
Inspiration: Apollo crossed with Midnighter
Powers: Earth Control & Matter Levitation, Super-Strength, Invulnerability, Immortality, Occult Knowledge, Dimensional Teleport, Wealth.
Enemies: Persephone, The Kore Corporation, Captain Tartarus, Blasphemo, Zombie Babe, The Coroner, Thanatos, The Death Gods Association


Birth Name: Jonas Kincaid Omega
Profession: Actor
Inspiration: Clayface--if he were a superhero
Powers: Elongation, Shapeshifting (temporary), Superstrenght, Intangability (semi-solid)
Enemies: Glam Queen, Son of Omega, Technicolor, Smash-Hit, Tarpit, Puppetoon


Birth Name: Gina Bruno
Profession: Doctor of Cybernetics & Psionics
Inspiration: Hank Pym crossed with Ambush Bug--if both were women
Powers: Scientific Genius, Strength, Leaping, Damage Resistance.
Enemies: Stink Bug, Insecticide, Bugzapper, Pest Control, The XY Brotherhood, The Tangled Web, The Future Farmer.


Birth Name: Toby Belcher
Profession: Cemetery Security Guard
Inspiration: The Great and Powerful Turtle crossed with this guy we knew online
Powers: Petromancy.
Enemies: Powersink, The Casket, Fool Crusher, The Astral Chihuahua, Conjuritis, Hate Remains, B.O.D.A.K., Baby B.O.D.A.K.


Over the years, we had a lot of short-runs and one-shot appearances on the Omega Force. The running joke was that these people were brought from "other branches" of Global Omega Corporation. When the player stopped gaming, or stopped playing that character, they would either return to their old branch, leave the corporation, go to prison, or die--whatever was most appropriate. So there have a big list of alums.

Kickstart - This was my main hero when I wasn't running the game for a time. He was the thrillseeking speedster, a motorcycle daredevil who got speed powers. Kickstart was the cool younger guy who leaped before he looked, and ran around town in motorcycle boots. Unfortunately, he died stopping a plot involving Dr. Destroyer. (I wanted to play someone else and wanted a memorable ending.)

Detective Devil - A goofy character concept that worked pretty well. He was a devil trapped on Earth who decided to make a living as a detective--due to his innate understanding of human foibles. He was low-powered for a fiend, but had lots of useful skills. We wrote him in as a guy who had helped run the Underworld Detective Agency in Hades' absence. Detective Devil had a gambling addiction disadvantage who got hooked on online free slot games, then lost all his money on real money slots. The team had an intervention and Detective Devil ended up doing public service announcements. When it was time to write him out, he moved west to start writing a tv pilot based on his life. I would call this character an artistic success, since his player played the down-on-his-luck PI just about right.

Switchblade - He wanted to be Wolverine's twin brother, but we told him Wolverine didn't exist in this universe. He did a pretty fair impression, anyway--if Wolverine was being directed by Rob Zombie. Switchblade didn't fit in with the group very well, since he wanted to kill everybody with those big claws of his. Needless to say, Switchblade didn't last long on the team--though I liked the name.
Tombstone - Before there was the Supersonic Tombstone, there was Tombstone (no relation). Tombstone was a cowboy from outer space with a hover-horse and laser pistols. Tombstone cussed a lot and (strangely) his best friend was Bill Gates. They were college buddies: "He got me the grades and I got him laid." Nuff said. A very memorable one-shot character.

Voodoo Doll - Voodoo Doll was a recurring character that the player who played Bedbug would play occasionally, especially when we were going to be low on comedy and high on magic. Voodoo Doll was a street level mystic who mixed well with the group. She was from New Orleans, of Haitian descent, and had the powers of a psychopomp. As the two death-obsessed members of the team, she and Underworld seemed to have a bit of a romance. But it seemed, as soon as she would appear, she'd be back in Lousiana. One of the few recurring heroes not a part of GOC, we always explained her appearance with a simple phone call for her "mystical expertise".

Captain Skeptical - The name of a Global Omega Corporation executive with an irrational hatred of Captain Miracle. On their first meeting, he told Cap, "I don't trust you, Miracle." Because of his general skepticism about even having an Omega Force, certain snarky team members took to calling him "Captain Skeptical". One of our players really liked this character and turned him into a player character for a few adventures, when exposure to "Organe Miraculon" gave him powers. He bedeviled Captain Miracle even more, but returned to human resources when the powers faded. "He just didn't believe...enough," Captain Miracle would explain about the power loss.

Badassicon - There are killer robots, and then there are "killa robots". Badassicon is definitely the latter. He was a robot built to "kick ass" and he claimed to be Mechanon's bastard son--which meant Mechanon was due to make an appearance soon. This character was fun while it lasted. He got along famously with Bedbug, but got his lunch eaten by Mechanon.

Laserdisc - Laserdisc is a cyborg with regeneration powers with big martial arts powers and the ability to have any set of skills he needs, based on some comics villain along the way. They were a cool character, but got retired quicker than expected. Working somewhere else in the Global Omega empire.

Major Bummer - A character written-in as a supervisor of Captain Miracle's during his days in the US Air Force. Major Bummer had fallen on hard times, got a dishonorable discharge for some unexplained misconduct, and was given a probationary stint on the team after a recommendation by Captain Miracle. The trial period was instated because we didn't trust the player, and we were right not to. He always wanted to bust into scenes he wasn't supposed to be in, knew information he wasn't supposed to know, and was all-in-all a major bummer. He had the jinx power and was otherwise a super-soldier, which could have been cool, but we were glad when he left after 3 or 4 sessions. After two years of inactivity, Major Bummer went NPC and died in the finale of the campaign saving his home state.

Dreamland - Dreamland was a weird build with a bunch of mismatched gadgets and skills, but the character concept fit the build. Dreamland grew up near Area 51 (alternate name: Dreamland) and appears to have been abducted many times by "The Government" or The Gray Alien (we never figured out who), and became obsessed about learning the truth. Played by a sporadic player, this was a cool character that added a little zaniness, but could be played straight. You got the idea Dreamland was being written by Grant Morrison.

Pleasure & Pain - This knucklehead insisted he had a great idea, but it would only work if we would let him play two players. This became the twin brother and sister named Pleasure and Pain--guess which one Pleasure was. She tried to seduce the villan (one of the Crowns of Krim), which didn't go very well. Later, when Street Legal called her to the carpet, she and Pain tried to gang up 2-on-1 on our Batman. They only lasted one adventure.

Mister Mythos - We thought we'd found our full-time sorcerer when Mister Mythos came on the scene. Of course, The Supersonic Tombstone wasn't real pleased with this development, but he shouldn't have worried. It's a bad idea to have your sorcerer summoning "tentacle-things" to fight on his behalf, and a worse idea to send them after poor Captain Miracle. We got the "I'm just doing what my character would do" argument on that one. We should have known it was trouble when he told us MM was a professor who had "found the Necronomicon" at his school's library. I think Mister Mythos made it two adventures.

Asstastic - A wacky friend of ours had this woman listed as his main supervillain, then later decided to stat her up and have her reform. I can't even remember what her powers were.

Ike Cole ("Black Power") - From a Blaxploitation Universe, we thought it was a great idea to have a Luke Cage analogue in the group, but the execution wasn't so great. In retrospect, it was probably ill-fated to begin with, since that's a hard character for a middle-aged white guy to pull off. The third time he say, "Sweet Christmas!", the new had worn off.

The Mighty Fabulous - This character was pretty funny. He was a spoof of Captain Miracle, except one who claimed to be more accomplished. He wanted to be the leader of the team and would always criticize Captain Miracle's decisions. They turned into a real comedy team. Then one week--and we're still not sure why--MF's creator stopped coming.


While the team may have fought more powerful opponents with grander ambitions and bigger reputations, none are so memorable as the League of Evil Nephews. There's something about having family members gunning for your head to make it personal. I wanted to share with the world this team of underage miscreants, so here's the full roster of the League of Evil Nephews.


Birth Name: Kevin Miracle Krefeld
Profession: 5th Grader
Inspiration: Lex Luther crossed with Egghead
Powers: Inventions, weapons designs, and mad plots. Chromedome is a master of force field science, pulson physics, and manipulation of the "miracle space".
Heroic Uncle: Captain Miracle

Chromedome's Story: Max Miracle was attending the 10th birthday party for his sister's son, Kevin, when his "miracle space" field began to go into effect. Max's sister, Mandy Miracle-Krefeld, and her husband had kept the party secret from Captain Miracle, fearing something might happen, but Kevin wanted to make sure his superhero uncle was in attendance. It happened as Kevin was about to blow out the candles on his cake. Someone had included the trick candles on the cake, but as they continued to burn and burn, they interacted with Captain Miracle's strangeness field and began to burn ever brighter. Because the flames threatened to consume the entire party, Captain Miracle decided to use his miracle-breath to put out the fire. This worked like a charm, though the miracle-air and the phosphorous in the candles mixed to form "Silver Miraculite", which was blown in Kevin's direction and coated his head.
Unfortunately, the chemical reaction of trace miraculite particles and phosphorus caused Kevin to go irrevocably bald, coating his head in a chromelike sheen, while mutating his brain and turning him into a "miracle genius". Kevin Krefeld became bitter about this transformation and he put this genius to destroying the uncle he blamed for the accident. Kevin Krefeld launched a career as Chromedome--one of Captain Miracle's staunchest villains. Realizing soon enough Captain Miracle had too many superpowered friends, Chromedome resolved to recruit his own collection of allies to destroy the Omega Force. Teaming up with the mysterious Toy Maker, Chromedome founded what would become known as the League of Evil Nephews.


Birth Name: Oedipus Rex Omega
Profession: Toy Collector
Inspiration: The Toy Man
Powers: Gadgeteering and Microcircuitry. The Toy Maker turns toys into weapons of mass destruction.
Heroic Uncle: Claymation

The Toy Maker's Story: O.R. Omega was your normal 5th grader. He just wanted some attention. But then his uncle, Jonas, came along and had to get superpowers. Suddenly, everyone in the family was all up in arms about the big guy made out of clay. How's a kid supposed to compete with that? Sure, they all hated the "freak" who was making the family look bad with all his superheroics, but at least he got attention. Of course, when everyone's distracted, it lets you go unnoticed. And when you're unnoticed, sometimes you can raid the supply of Miraculon. And when you have enough Miraculon, you can make any toy in the toybox come to life. Oedipus Rex Omega had an endless supply of Miraculon. Kevin Krefeld had the pure, twisted genius. When the two came together, the world would quake in fear of the League of Evil Nephews. And Uncle Jonas would have a little competition.


Birth Name: Jean-Pierre Bouvier
Profession: Cajun
Inspiration: Giganta crossed with Gambit
Powers: Growth. Limited ability to increase the size of objects he holds, particularly his favorite bowie knife.
Heroic Uncle: The Big Easy

Ginormous's Story: Things grow big down in the Bayou. What's more, family traits tend to be strong in the Bayou folk. So when Antoine Bouvier transformed into a giant one day wrestling an alligator, it was only a matter of time before his nephew, Jean-Pierre, would do the same. But where Uncle Antoine went on to become New Orleans's best-known superhero, The Big Easy, the nephew chose a different path. Now other criminals might need some convoluted reason to be a villain. Jean-Pierre Bouvier needed none of that, no sir. He was just mean. Jean-Pierre was a bully before he got the powers. He stayed a bully after he got the powers. So when Chromedome and Toy Maker came around looking for muscle and they were ready to match the price, Giiii-normous was born. Those superheroes in Omega Force could intimidate the other kids. But Ginormous was bigger than 'em all.


Birth Name: Oliver Quigg
Profession: Juvenile Delinquent
Inspiration: Madame Rouge crossed with Orochimaru (Naruto)
Powers: Elongation and Shapeshifting. Oliver Twist not only has advanced fighting abilities, but he also commands a criminal network of underage ruffians.
Heroic Uncle: Jolly Quick

Oliver Twist's Story: When you put together a League of Evil, it's a kind of all-star team of evil-doers. You've got to recruit the best from all over the world. So when Chromedome started to scout around the nephew underground for talent, he started to hear legends of this kid from across the ocean. They said he was wiry strong, able to twist and turn his body like some kind of boy made of taffy. They said he could use that ability to wrap up and choke any opponent, choking them and gouging their eyes and whatever other soft spots they had. But that wasn't what impressed Chromedome so much. It was the contacts he had. They said Oliver Twist controlled a whole criminal syndicate of boy-minions. Bringing in this so-called Dickensian Devil gave the League of Evil Nephews access to the criminal underworld, not just of England, but the entire western world. The League of Evil Nephews was a force on both sides of the ocean.


Birth Name: Deke Davis
Profession: World's Youngest Mercenary
Inspiration: Video Games
Powers: Force Field Defenses, Laser Beam Blasts, Teleportation, intermittent stealth capability.
Heroic Uncle: Smart Bomb

Respawn's Story: Respawn could have been the world's greatest Pvp expert. He was well on the way when the accident hit. It was a stormy night out in Anywhere, USA, and Deke Davis was winning another online war, circa 2003. Some say it was Call of Duty I, while others said it was the original Halo. Whatever the case, as Deke was about to call down judgment on another band of hapless opponents, the storm hit and the lights went out. This was no ordinary storm. It had a mind all its own, and it chose Deke. As he sat in front of the tv like any other night, the storm struck Deke Davis. Deke became "Respawn", an unkillable war machine, the world's youngest soldier-of-fortune. He would fight the best, but not on XBOX Live. Instead, he'd fight superheroes, supervillains, or whoever his patrons paid him to fight. Respawn could handle anyone. So when Chromedome and friends won the online auction, Respawn became the final original member of the League of Evil Nephews.



Birth Name: Hector Omega (depicted above in trademark yellow gloves)
Profession: Enfant Terrible
Inspiration: The Puppet Master
Powers: Magical manipulation of lega constructs, imbuing them with super-hardness, super-strength, and a measure of the abilities of the person/object they depict.
Heroic Uncle: Claymation

Legomancer's Story: There's no two ways about it--Legomancer was plain crazy. There's nothing like the fury of a 6-year old with powers. So when Hector Omega learned he could magically control any object made of Legos, it was time to get revenge. Hector had the perfect target for his revenge plots, too: The Omega Force. Omega Force had sent the older brother Hector idolized, Oedipus Rex Omega (aka Toy Maker), away to a private school in another state (actually, the parents had done that). Hector had the power; he had the motive; and with seat open in the League of Evil Nephews, he had the opportunity. As Hades said, "Blasphemo himself isn't as mad as that child."


Birth Name: Electra Omega
Profession: Heiress
Inspiration: Dr. Psycho crossed with Saturn Girl
Powers: Postcognition, Illusions, Telepathy, Mind Control
Heroic Uncle: Claymation

Tattletale's Story: It was bound to happen. Somebody would eventually ruin the whole racket. Start a club for evil nephews and, sooner or later, someone has to come along and burn it all down. Chromedome and the boys should have known it would be a woman, er...girl. Electra Omega was another of that confounded Omega brood, some cousin belonging to some other cousin. What made Tattletale dangerous was her illusions, because they thought she was one of the boys. She pretended to be that boy in class who always knows when to call for help. Tattletale was good at what "he" did, too. With the precog powers and the illusions, Tattletale gave Omega Force fits. The papers, the cops, even the corporate types...they all had it out for Omega Force. They were as good as in the penitentiary. But a girl can't leave well enough alone. Tattletale wanted control of the LoEN. And when she pitted half the team against the other half--tried to oust Chromedome--the whole team imploded. Girls...go figure.

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